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For those of you who have dry skin, the skin will feel fresh and not visible wrinkles. It is better if you recognize the cause and how to care for her so that you can maintain your skin's health.

It has dry skin oil levels are very low and tend to be sensitive. So look for parched skin unable to retain moisture. Characteristics of dry skin is the skin feels like a drawn stiff after washing my face and will subside after coated with moisturizing cream. Skin conditions may become worse when exposed to wind, weather changes from cold to hot or vice versa. Lines or wrinkles around the cheeks, eyes and around the lips can occur easily in the face of dry skin.

There are several things that because the skin becomes dry, can be caused by genetic factors, the oil glands do not provide enough lubrication to the skin so the skin dehydrated. Another thing is the poor diet, lack of certain nutrients such as vitamins A and B.

Or environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, wind, cold air, free radicals or excessive exposure to soaps while bathing or washing face. Another condition is that the skin disease, eczema, psoriasis and the like.

Dry skin is actually another form of the sign is not active thyroid gland and complications in diabetics.

Way to treat dry skin is to avoid washing the face with raw water due to its residue can dry your skin but you also do not use warm water. So should you use mineral water which has undergone a process of sterilization.

Do not use a washcloth that has a textured surface material because it will make your skin irritated. Begin your habit of mineral water sprayed on the morning after you wake up and dry with a soft towel.

To clean dry skin you should use cleansing milk. Then massage your face as you gently cleanse and when applying moisturizer. Choose cleaners with a pH balanced and non-detergent. Avoid using soap when cleaning the face for not only dirt but also raised the natural oils in your skin that serves to protect your skin.

As for the body treatments you can put on baby oil after your shower so your skin moisture is maintained. Avoid using soap those high alkaline levels. To keep the skin moisture you should do a special mask for dry skin once a week. But do not get exposed to the eye area, where fine lines appear most rapidly. Good luck.

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