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Walking pneumonia:

Walking pneumonia (also known as atypical pneumonia) is a medical condition in which patient suffering from walking pneumonia does not have to be bedridden or hospitalized. Unlike normal pneumonia, a walking pneumonia patient can move around even when he/she is suffering from the disease. Symptoms of walking pneumonia:
Although walking pneumonia does not show noticeable symptoms in the initial stage, as time passes by, the patient may experience following symptoms:

Cold (the severity of cold increases with time as the disease reaches patient’s chest, this differentiates walking pneumonia from common cold)
Patient may experience sore throat because of ongoing cough condition
How walking pneumonia is treated?
Walking pneumonia is treated mainly with the help of antibiotics. Is walking pneumonia contagious?
Walking pneumonia is contagious. If you are diagnosed with walking pneumonia, follow treatment regime prescribed by your doctor strictly.

The symptoms of walking pneumonia can sometimes be very indistinct. If you notice the following symptoms, you are encouraged to seek medical attention promptly:

Low grade fever
Progress coughing
Extreme fatigue
Chest congestion
Upper back pain
Clammy skin

This symptom of walking pneumonia can be the only one present for up to three weeks prior to any other symptoms. Walking pneumonia is affected by more than two million people in the United States each year but the figures are somewhat skewed because many mistake the symptoms for colds or flu.