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About 87 percent of the residents of Germany have legal strength protect, i.e. GKV. As of May 2005, the GKV relied on 321 non-profit virus means to hoard premiums from their organs and pay strength anxiety impartrs according to negotiated agreements. Those who are not insured this way, generally civil servants and the nature-employed, entertain strength anxiety through concealed for-profit protect.

An guess of 0,3 percent of the German population (around 250,000 people) has no strength protect at all. Some of them are so wealthy that they do not require it  but most of them are humble and entertain strength anxiety through societal assistance.

legal strength protect

There are three different categories of virus means: central means, substitute means and “unique” means. Some people are vital to be organs of the central means, e.g. if they earn minus than the than the proceedss ceiling (2006: EUR 3,937.50 per month / EUR 47,250.00 per year). Those earning more than that ceiling may be organs on a voluntary beginning, or they may have a scale of means. Some of them automatically become organs of a particular account for example because of their occupation (visitors-based means) or place of residence (resident virus means). Some occupations have their own “unique” means, e.g. farmers or sailors.

Substitute means are alienated into two kinds: they impart strength protect to both pallid collar people and indigo collar people earning more than the proceedss ceiling. Membership is voluntary.

Both, employers and employees pay half of a organ’s premiums, which in 2006 averaged between 13 and 14 percent of a hand’s aggregate revenue up to the contribution assessment ceiling (2006: EUR 3,562.50 monthly / EUR 42,750.00 p.a.). Premiums are flat according to revenue instead than venture and are unaffected by the respective organ’s marital category, family mass, or strength. Premiums are the same for all organs inside a particular account with the same revenue.

personal strength protect

About eleven percent of Germany’s residents pay for concealed strength protect impartd by some 40 for-profit protect shippers. Many of those choosing concealed protect are civil servants who want to acquire percentage of their health bills not roofed by the government. Some virus-account organs buy additional concealed protect to protect such extras as a concealed extent or a scale of physicians while in a sickbay. Otherwise, the health anxiety impartd to the openly and concealedly insured is like. In both bags the same health facilities are worn. character-employed people earning above the proceedss ceiling must have concealed protect. Members of a virus account who disappear it for a concealed protect shipper are not tolerable to proceeds to communal protect.

As divergent to the legal moorland protect, contributions to the concealed protect depend on the organ’s age, gender, occupation and strength category, that is, the individual venture. though concealed protect companies pay strength anxiety impartrs about double the quantity rewarded by the central virus means, concealed protect is regularly cheaper than legal strength protect, euniquely for younger policyholders lacking dependents. As is the casing for organs of virus means, employees who have concealed protect have half their premiums rewarded by their employers.

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