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More than 50 percent of patients taking herbal medicines, although about to undergo surgery. However, only about 30-60 percent of the doctors told them. Generally are taken fish oil supplements, Echinacea, ginseng, garlic and ginkgo biloba.

Herbal medicines are considered safe and without side effects, but can cause potentially fatal effects if taken before surgery. We can bleed heart attack, stroke, and allergic reactions. Another possibility, anesthetic and anticoagulant drugs will not work properly.

So, before entering the operating room, tell the doctor all medications or supplements that we consume. Including those not listed in the recipe. Ideally, we stop the consumption of any type supplements three weeks before the scheduled surgery.

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Warning to you the soda enthusiasts. People who drank two cans of softdrink or more drinks containing sugar risk of pancreatic cancer. Although cases are rare cancers, including deadly pancreatic cancer.

Although both contain sugar, the cancer risk was not found in fruit juice beverage enthusiasts. Sugar can be a culprit disease, but enthusiasts may have a softdrink unhealthy lifestyle.

High levels of sugar in soft drinks may increase the levels of insulin in the body that we believe led to the growth of cancer cells.

Those who drank two or more cans of softdrink every week has an 87 percent risk of higher pancreatic cancer.

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Increasing the consumption of soft drinks which generally contains high sugar impact on the 130,000 new cases of diabetes, 14,000 new cases of heart disease, and 50,000 people with heart problems in the last decade.

From the results of this study can be concluded, all policies that could reduce the soft drink consumption may be positive impact on public health.

By using computer simulation, heart disease associated with a variety of factors, such as obesity and consumption of food containing salt.

The link between the incidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is very real. However, the increasing obesity factors may also be influential. Various studies show the impact of consumption of sugary drinks.
For decades an increase in consumption of sweet drinks.

To prevent diabetes, we must reduce the intake of beverages with added sugar. If diabetes is diagnosed with blood sugar, weight, blood pressure and blood fat levels must be controlled. If a sport is not controlled, should be done with drugs.

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