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The man convicted of prostate cancer many heart attacks are more dangerous to his health condition.

The man who was sentenced to prostate cancer 11 times more likely a heart attack in the first week after being told he had the disease. This was as surprised by the convicted female breast cancer.

Swedish researchers found the threat of heart attack remained high during the first 1 year after diagnosis of the disease and the possibility of committing suicide. The study involved more than 4 million men.

Prostate cancer so far has killed 10,000 men in the UK each year. Therefore, researchers suggest important for physicians to realize the harmful effects of stress after a diagnosis of prostate cancer patients with psychological health monitoring of patients. The same effect also needs to be considered for women who contracted breast cancer.

Researchers analyzed the medical records of 4.3 million people including 170,000 prostate cancer diagnosed between the years 1961 to 2004. The results of this study published in the Journal PLoS Medicine.

"But this research is still less account several other risk factors for cardiovascular and suicide such as age, high blood pressure or other mental illness," said Dr Sarah Cannot from the Prostate Cancer Charity.

"Although the results of such studies show, but more research is needed to prove a strong relationship between the diagnoses of prostate cancer with cardiovascular disease. Therefore it does not mean people who live prostate cancer diagnosis heart attack or suicide," he said.

It should be underlined is that everyone who was diagnosed with prostate cancer need to get the right information and support services from the people around, to help cope with the treatment and gave her spirit or drive.