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For women, diet as an effective way to lose weight. But, do you know if it was just a strict diet can cause bad effects to the memory of people who do it.
Holly Taylor, a professor from Tufts University, Massachusetts said, the lack of carbohydrates is affecting a person's brain memory, and causes people easily forget.

Taylor does research on a number of women aged 22 to 55 who go on a diet for a week. After a diet, the women were then conducted a test memory skills. The result, the ability of respondents to be less than a week before the carbohydrate diet.

"This study shows that what we eat every day were affected by the memory capacity. The low carbohydrate intake is very potential to reduce the power of thought and consciousness of a person, "said Taylor.

According to Taylor, the body is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose which is needed for brain activity. Although the proteins being converted into glycogen was also able to provide nutrients for the brain, but glycogen can not function as effectively as glucose.

Can be concluded, people on a diet with reduced carbohydrates will result in less glucose, the brain as a result the system becomes decreased.

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