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Quitting smoking is certain to make the body healthier. But many ex-smokers replace smoking with eating activity. Experts warn to arrange meals for ex-smokers to avoid diabetes.

Researchers found smokers will experience weight gain after quitting smoking. Since it was not smoking anymore, finally someone took it out on the food. And weights were associated with diabetes. But that does not mean one should continue to smoke to prevent diabetes. There are ways you can do to stop smoking without diabetes. A smoker who decides to quit smoking for more frequent blood sugar checked into the doctor detects the possibility of early diabetes.

Quitting smoking is good because it makes the lungs and the people around healthier. But when someone stops smoking, it takes extra effort to counter the risk increases as body weight and multiply routine sports physical activity. If forced to use drugs is also not anything. Quitting smoking can improve their health should, but if in fact increase the risk of another disease, many people would prefer to continue smoking than to stop.

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